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Hot Wire Contour Cutter

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Model DTC-E2012 DTC-E3012 DTC-E3030
Max. Product Size L2000*W1300*H1000mm L3000*W1300*H1300mm L3000*W3000*H1300mm
Cutting line Φ0.8~1.2mm             Φ0.8~1.2mm            Φ0.8~1.2mm
Cutting Speed 0~1.5m/min 0~1.5m/min  0~1.5m/min
Cutting Software  D&T Profiler/3D System   D&T Profiler/3D System   D&T Profiler/3D System
Control System Industrial Computer Industrial Computer  Industrial Computer
Computer Operation System  Windows XP  Windows XP  Windows XP
Cooling System  Air blower  Air blower  Air blower
Acceptable File Formats  DXF/DWG  DXF/DWG  DXF/DWG
X-Axis Motor  Servo Motor  Servo Motor  Servo Motor
Number of Cutting Wire  Up to 20  Up to 20  Up to 20
Total Power  13.5kw, 380V, 50Hz  14.5kw, 380V,50Hz  14.5kw, 380V,50Hz
Gross Weight  1200kg  1500kg 2000kg


Suit for: Polystyrene
Cutting Line: Hot Wire
Application:D&T series hot wire contour cutter is special cutting machine for complex shape products of EPS.It has one or several cutting wires for different production requests.
1.All the machines are driven by the remarkable D&T Profiler software:the software speeds up the 
design process and enables the operator to obtain the best yield from the foam block;
2.It has perfect safe system to prevent the accident:all Motors will stop when the safety dooropened; 
Exigency button on both machine and control box is for preventing accident.
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