Vertical Latex Pillow Foam Profile Cutting Machine

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Foam Machine

Vertical Revolving Contour Cutter


Revolving Contour Cutter    
Model DTC-R2012V DTC-R2012V5 DTC-R2012H
Max. Product Size L2800*W2200*1000mm L3000*W2200*H1200mm L2800*W2200*H1000mm
Control System Industrial Computer+Window XP Industrial Computer+Window XP Industrial Computer+Window XP
Software D&T revolving Profiler D&T revolving Profiler D&T revolving Profiler
Cutting Speed 0~40m/min(Adjustable) 0~40m/min(Adjustable) 0~40m/min(Adjustable)
Tolerance ±5mm ±5mm ±5mm
Total Power 5kw,380V,50Hz 5kw,380V,50Hz 5kw,380V,50Hz
Overall Weight 2500kg 2700kg 2500kg
Overall Dimension L6000*W5630*3000mm L6200*W5630*3200mm L6000*W5630*3000mm

Use: automotive, furniture industry, packing industry, construction industry, and other daily necessities. Product Features: Ring knife machine is a flexible foam materials suitable foe efficient contour cutting machine, since the high-speed loop cutter device, and therefore have a higher cutting speed, smoother cutting surface, cutting speed, high precision cutting, no dust.





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