We D&T is a manufacture Specialized in foaming machinery,foam Cutting machinery,, 3D Panel Machine, Concrete Sprayer and foam relation assistant equipments.

The company in this solemn commitment: where to sell equipment, the company is free to guide users to install, debug equipment and maintenance, operator training, and to provide equipment for the installation of the use of technical requirements, process layout and other related information, life-long maintenance and spare parts supply. Specific measures are as follows:


1.Installation and commissioning of equipment:

Assist and guide users according to the actual situation of the coordination of the layout of the equipment, reasonable arrangements for the overall installation location of the planning, technical personnel assigned to guide the installation of equipment, ancillary facilities, and to provide users with the relevant aspects of the problem;


2.Operation and maintenance personnel training:

The company can provide operation and maintenance personnel training according to user's requirements;


1 equipment manufacturing site training:

User can send operations, maintenance personnel to the company to learn, receive training. Company engineering and technical personnel will be from the equipment structure, working principle, installation and commissioning of technical requirements, operation, maintenance, maintenance procedures and other theories. To assemble and debug the equipment through the production site, and master the maintenance and operation procedure. Make it have a preliminary understanding and understand the structure of the device, performance.


2 installation and commissioning:

Users can send people to participate in the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the user. To meet the requirements of production by the installation and training, training, operation and maintenance personnel to grasp the essentials;



3.The company products to implement the "three packs" service, the whole machine "three packs" for a year.

In the "three pack" period, free to provide users with equipment parts and components, according to the "three pack" to provide free maintenance services. "Three packs of" period will at cost price to provide long-term maintenance and spare parts supply, and according to the requirements of customers to the fastest speed is sent to the user's hand. Once the failure of the device user can not be ruled out, the company will be sent to the user to send personnel to the scene as soon as possible, to the user to remove the fault


4.The company will keep pace with the times, open up innovation, continuous research and development of new technologies, new products, and actively improve the structure, performance and quality of existing products to meet the needs of users.


Company will be responsible for the attitude of the. To provide users with high quality after-sales service, to provide a strong guarantee for the normal production of users.


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