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Our company to participate in the 2015 China Shanghai international polyurethane Exhibition

By the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, China International Trade Promotion Committee and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government co sponsored, China Machinery Industry Federation Co, East Shanghai Haolan International service trade (Group) Co., Ltd., economic and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai municipal planning, Sihai Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. hosted the China International equipment manufacturing industry's top event, every November in Shanghai organized. 2015 China Shanghai international polyurethane Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: "China Industry Fair") in November 3rd - November 7th in China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the international polyurethane exhibition is one of the main activities of China's international industrial expo.
China industry fair since its inception in 1999, after fifteen years of development and innovation, through the market, specialization, internationalization, brand operation, has developed into the international exhibition Union (UFI) certification, China's equipment manufacturing industry's most influential international industry brand exhibition, is an important window for China's industrial sector and economic exchanges and cooperation platform.
China Industry Fair has become the international industry in the international community and governments at all levels, industrial innovation, has a broad impact on the international industrial and creative industry event, and become the leading role of the national industrial center demonstration, and promote the construction of China's industrial power brand activity. Compared with the previous, prominent theme of the exhibition is bright, serve the national development strategy, inherit the excellent traditional culture, promote cross-border integration format, stimulate creative innovation and entrepreneurship, leading the consumption of industrial upgrading, promote industrial investment and trade, promote international industrial exchange, highlighting the six color.
This exhibition, a total of 2101 government agencies, industry organizations, international organizations from 27 countries and regions, the domestic and foreign enterprises. And our company also represents one of the exhibitors in Fuyang, Hangzhou, china.
Our company is a professional production of foam cotton machinery, computer sewing machine, mattress machinery and cutting machines and other equipment R & D and manufacturing of professional manufacturers, the company attention on technology development, to provide customers with high-quality, reliable machines and for customers to create value. Independent development of the software has been achieved with the international wide use of CAD the perfect combination, so that the company's production equipment with a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high accuracy and easy operation, etc..
This industry, with our understanding, the company is not much, but with less machine, and I take the new machine to the new machine for all customer base, so that the industry will be one of the brightest. Because the machine takes up most of the space in our company, the momentum is not generally available, so attracted a lot of people to visit, to this end also caused a lot of turmoil. During this period, my company employees are also very warm, carefully, patiently to explain to customers, so that our machines better let customers know and understand. Speaking of which, let's US corporate leaders, he also not meeting, joined the this group, and other employees as deeply customers, for customers to explain and answer, don't know he is the company's boss, so in our Datian trade the family, do is, sincere cooperation, solidarity, create a better tomorrow.
Here, I hope we Datian trade can bring you different machines and services, but also to let everyone know Hangzhou Fuyang area in China with a cutting machine industry enterprises that Fuyang Datian Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.. Finally, I hope you come to our company to discuss cooperation.